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Working in Multiple Genres (and trying to market!)

I've always been the kind of artist that is interested in many forms, many genres--all of the beauty and tragedy out there. I was a painter, dancer and aspiring musician all before I wrote anything cohesive. In this day of slick branding and digital enhancement, it's hard to know where to focus my marketing efforts when we are expected to put just one, unified brand out to the world.

Where Are We Tomorrow?, a literary novel about women working backstage on a rock tour, inspired an Instagram project that has turned out to be fun--posting photos of the now-nearly-defunct backstage scene. But this gritty, gray, backstage look doesn't speak to the whole artist.

I also have a historical novel, Serabelle, set in 1913 on an estate in coastal Maine. Think sweeping ocean landscapes, Model T cars and groundskeepers, maids, drunken landowners.

I have the middle grade fantasy novel I've mentioned before, Wished Forward. Magic, portals, global warming destroying the Wishingworld.

These are not gritty, not gray. I may need to reassess my artist brand, bring up the color, bring in the light. For now, I'm going to keep creating in whichever genre intrigues me. I'm currently toying with a dystopian novel I started years ago. Maybe.

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