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Women's Voices in the Gilded Age

I just last week turned in my responses to my editor's suggestions for the Serabelle manuscript, my upcoming historical fiction novel. She had some great ideas regarding diction, but overall she had very few edits-- a nice surprise.

I submitted the manuscript to my publisher, TouchPoint, over a year ago now and I hadn't looked at it since. Honestly, I had forgotten a lot about the book. That's one of the true joys of being an author, reading something and thinking, "I wrote that? Cool."

My memory was clear on the storyline and characters, but some late additions, some thickening up, the densifying, if you will, I had done had slipped my mind. What a joy to realize anew how fun this story is. How much I like the book.

We've moved the publication date into March, but I promise it will be worth the wait. Serabelle is a rollicking ride about women finding their own strength in New England's Gilded Age.

I'll keep you posted!

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