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The Personal Element

I would have never guessed that I was someone who would enjoy hosting a podcast. When my friend and writer, Christine Junge, asked if I was interested in doing a podcast about personal essays, I had to think about it. My answer wasn't an immediate yes. In general, I don't write personal essays. Was I the right person for the job? I do read essays. I do love to talk about writing in any form. I am interested in learning about how other people feel and learn. So, I thought, why not? We might as well try.

As it turns out, I'm having a blast. I love working on The Personal Element with Christine. Not only do I get to spend a lot more time with my grad school friend, I get to spend a lot more time reading, thinking about, and talking about writing. There's really no down side.

We are getting excellent feedback from our first three episodes where we talk about children growing up, body image and family tragedy. In upcoming episodes we discuss gun violence, male friendships and marriages in the pandemic. I hope you'll tune in. Find out more at

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