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Change is Good

In my last blog post, I lamented about my historical novel that had languished in a cue for publication for over two years. Having worked out my feelings about that in my writing, I took the leap.

I left the publisher.

Amazing what life brings your way when you stop clinging to what is comfortable, what is easy.

I had a good ride with my first book, but it was time to move on. Almost immediately, I found a new publisher: Black Rose Writing.

Having been burned by my past small publisher experience, I was reluctant to sign another contract without doing some research. How disappointing it was to dig up some old Writer Beware and Reddit threads about BRW; I almost refused the contract.

Before saying 'no', I decided to look up some of BWR's current authors. I reached out to half a dozen of them and they kindly responded, each and every one of them raving about the support they got from Black Rose.

So, I signed, and thus far, I've been impressed by the amount of communication I've received. I'm excited for our collaboration. We already have a publication date set: April 25, 2024.

I just know I made the right decision.

More big changes are on the way. Stay tuned...

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