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Dive out today in Levee Magazine

My short story "Dive" about a freediver in the Bahamas is out today in Levee Magazine.

I researched the story by going diving with a friend, Jesse Archambault, as he spear fished out near Neah Bay on the farthest tip of WA state. Okay, he dove. I sort of bobbed on the waves and watched, slightly terrified as waves threatened to smash us up against the rocks in the frigid water. Previous to that excursion, I'd never been in a wet suit.

I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this spring issue.

Digital and physical copies are now available!

Looking to buy a physical copy? They are selling them through Amazon. Buy a physical copy here. They are also offering "Name Your Price" digital copies of the magazine on their website. Visit Levee's digital store.

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