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A chance to win with Authoress

Some of you know I've been working on a middle grade fantasy novel called

Wished Forward.

With every project, I always think it's a good idea to hire an editor to give a manuscript the once-over rather than relying on your regular writers' group to read your work again and again. I got lucky when I asked Jillian Boehme (aka Authoress) to look at an early draft. She had a slot available and gave me some crucial feedback. With the release of her new YA novel The Stolen Kingdom, Jillian is having a pre-order special that puts you into a drawing to win a zoom meeting with her to talk about your project. I highly recommend her as an editor. I ordered my copy through

Looks like a fun read!

Here's a link to her Authoress blog (which has a lot of great writing info!) where you can sign up to win.

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